Friday, March 2, 2012

LFR Amazing-ness

Just a quick little update I've been meaning to talk about...

So last night I had the pleasure of finally using Real-ID to do Dragon Soul.  @aerix88 invited me to join him and a friend late last evening, Horde side of course.  While we were waiting, we had a nice conversation about alts (as well as a twitter conversation) that inspired me to gear up my shaman when I get some time.

I popped on SleepyHams to see if anyone was on (where were you Aerix? JK) in preparation. Alas, it would be just the three of us.  Once our raid popped, we buffed up and did the normal stuff you do pre-raid.  It felt so familiar, and I started to feel uneasy about how I would do.

Let me tell you, it didn't matter.  It went fine.  It's not that it was easy; you couldn't quite power through certain mechanics like you could in Wrath.  No, it just was less hectic.  It was relaxed.  It was fun.  It was amazing and gratifying.  I got Tier gloves, two achievements, and a sense of satisfaction for doing something I have never done before in my five-plus years of playing the game.

I downed an end game boss.  It doesn't matter if it was LFR.  I still did it.  It felt great.  And that got me to thinking.

LFR should have shipped with Cata.  I think if it had, I would not have been so burned out on the grind.  And now that I've tasted Deathwing's blood, I am looking forward to doing LFR every week until I'm geared up with main and offspec.  It could take weeks.  It could take months.  And if I decide to do it both on Alliance and Horde side, it may not happen.  But that's ok because it was fun.  Fun!

So now that I've overcome one of my big hurdles as far as WoW is concerned, hopefully I can continue to meet cool people like Aerix and do RealID groups.  I know a couple of my followers are prodding me to go Alliance.

This is just a quick update though, as I have much I need to do today before work.  I just wanted to share my excitement for something that I care about so much in this game.  Look for a more fleshed out post about random stuff in a few days. 

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