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My main character is Exlucis (pronounced Ex-Loo-sis), a troll priest on Malfurion US.  Exlucis, roughly translated, is Latin for "of the light", which is appropriate for a Shadow Priest.  I belong to Ride The Lightning after a 9 month hiatus from World of Warcraft.  I used to be a Draenei Priest on Zangarmarsh, which remains the home of my Dwarf Shaman Vickter.  Vickter has most of my raiding achievements, but Exlucis will always be my first chioce for leveling in new content.  I am also working on several alts, as I always have.

I also fiddle with League of Legends, but I mostly talk about World of Warcraft and myself.

Why anxiety?

Because I suffer from it.  After being diagnosed with clinical anxiety or anxiety disorder or whatever you want to call it, I now take anti-anxiety medication to keep myself balanced.  If I did not, I would be finding ways to release serotonin into my brain, which was mostly limited to punching myself in the face.

I wish I was joking.

But now I am a bit more balanced, and I am using my brain the way it was meant to be used.  I am more thoughtful, more considerate, and more loving than I ever have been, and I don't need to abuse unhealthy substances to feel that way.

Why so personal?

Because I have this blog to give myself a voice, to track my thoughts and feelings as I work to better myself.  I also want to use this as a platform to meet new people and make new friends.  I am shy and somewhat reserved about trusting people, and though I realize people won't come to me, I am hoping that if I open myself up a bit, people will want to get to know me more.  Desperately, what I want more out of this, is to make new friends.

Other important stuff

I'm married to a lovely woman, whom I have loved and cherished for 7 years now (married 5).  We have two lovely kitties who are also quite naughty.  I used to consider myself a christian, but now I follow Christ and Him alone

Oh boy the religious stuff...

If you ever had questions about whether God loves you, He does.  People though, people are mostly idiots (myself included) and have no clue what they talk about when they talk about God.  God loves EVERYONE no matter what sex, race, creed, orientation, etc.  God doesn't care about what you are; He cares about WHO you are, what's in YOUR heart.

Anyways I won't talk about religion much I promise, but if you ever want to engage in a conversation about it I will do my best not to shy away.  Also, I should point out that I do NOT identify myself as a christian by the common church's standards today.  But, again, we can talk about that in private, as it would require an entire post.

Anything else?

I love coffee.  I love people.  And I love waffles!  Also you can contact me via twitter, or just leave a comment and I'll reply as best I can.

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